TDBAdvGrid and Background Color

Hello World!

I need to set the Background Color of a row in TDBAdvGrid depending on a cells's/datasource value.
This is how I can color cells:
void __fastcall TFormCustomer::DBAdvGrid1DrawCell(TObject *Sender, int ACol, int ARow, TRect &Rect, TGridDrawState State)
 if ( ACol == 0 || ARow == 0 ) return;
 TDBAdvGrid *Grid = dynamic_cast< TDBAdvGrid * >( Sender );
 Grid->Canvas->Brush->Color = clYellow;
 Grid->Canvas->FillRect( Rect );
 Grid->Canvas->TextRect( Rect, Rect.Left+2, Rect.Top+2, Grid->Cells[ACol][ARow]);
But how can I make this dependent from its DataSource?
thank you,

Please see the demo :
ADOSelColor in the TDBAdvGrid samples distribution