TDBAdvCardList Saving


I am using a TDBAdvCardList on a form and want to be able to force a save when the form closes. Presently if I edit a field in the card then close the form, my change is lost. If I make the change and then click on a different field in the card then the change is saved automatically. However, I want to be able to force a save when I close the form if the card is being edited at the time of the close. I am using the AdvCardList.Editing flag to track if it is currently being edited but cannot find a way to post/save changes programatically. Is there a way to do this?

Thanks in advance.

Try to force the focus on another control to force to stop the editing.

Thanks for the response.

The problem is the only way I have found of saving the data in the field is to click another field within the card itself - changing to another control exhibits the same behaviour - the data is not saved.

Further to my earlier posts - I have just been playing around with the demo app for TDBAdvCardList and it has the same issue. If you run the demo, open the table, edit one of the fields, click in the grid at the bottom, then close and reopen the table the value that was changed has reverted to the original value.