TCurvyEdit Blink and borderColor and width

Hi I have questions about TCurvyEdit.

  1. It Blinks When I set Form DoubleBuffered into True.
    I cannot find any DoubleBuffered property. Is there any way of fixing this ?

  2. I'd like to know how to remove / hide a single white line at Top.
    I don't know where it comes from and what is is for,
    but It never disappear though I change borderColor.

    also borderWidth affect almost side(left and right) only. just like Parenthesis.
    only the left and right sides are affected.
    Am I missing something?

  3. Can I set padding of it? like left indent

I'm not sure what you see blinking, how to reproduce?

I see here:
I'm not sure where / how you see a single white line at the top?

Do you set height sufficiently high (in relationship to the font size) to see border on top / bottom?

At this moment, there is not a built-in setting for padding