TCriteria : add OR condition

The conditions added to TCriteria through .Add method are always treated as " AND " conditions. It would be great to have a method like .AddOR , so it would make an "auto-bracket" to all previous conditions and add the new one as with an OR operator.
The regular .Add could also embrace all previous conditions too, so we'd have more control when combining .Add and .AddOR. (I don't know if nowadays it does - it doesn't matter because now everything is "AND"). Maybe new .AddAND, that would force embracing.

For example, if we had a generic text search, that search for a text in several fields, if TCriteria had an OR-like Add, one could let the user choose (using checkboxes or another kind of configuration UI) which fields to search, and have a cleaner code, adding just the necessary conditions.

Today, we do:
or Linq['LastName'].iLike(sSearch)
or Linq['Title'].ILike(sSearch)
or Linq['eMail'].ILike(sSearch)
or Linq['Nick'].ILike(sSearch));

We cannot add these conditions in separate .Add calls.
To avoid certain fields filtering, we would have to create a variable for each one, and assign it a wildcard value for those fields which should not be filtered. More variables, and unnecessary DB access/filtering.

It would be better if we could do:

if chboxName.checked then MyCriteria.AddOR(Linq['Name'].iLike(sSearch));
if chboxLastName.checked then MyCriteria.AddOR(Linq['LastName'].iLike(sSearch));
if chboxTitle.checked then MyCriteria.AddOR(Linq['Title'].ILike(sSearch));
if chboxEMail.checked then MyCriteria.AddOR(Linq['eMail'].ILike(sSearch));
if chboxNick.checked then MyCriteria.AddOR(Linq['Nick'].ILike(sSearch));

if .Add method could also embrace all previous conditions, then, after this previous block, we could comfortably use
MyCriteria.Add(Linq['RecordState'].Eq('Active')); without unexpected results.

Mixing "and" and "or" in the same level is asking for confusion. And there is no need for such feature what you want to do can be done using different approaches.

This feature will not be implemented.