TCP 12029 error when trying to establish SSL connection (THttpClient)

I got error TCP/IP error 12029 when application trying to setup SSL connection to server using THttpClient component. I made same test's with Eldos Secure BlackBox, Synapse + OpenSSL components and everything works fine.

Chrome and Mozilla works OK but Internet Explorer doesn't work, so I suspect that components that are not based on Win API works OK and seems that this components are not affected by Domain Group Policies.

Is it there any flag that I can set up to enable THttpClient to work.

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Does your computer use proxy to connect to the internet? Does the error only happen with SSL connections?

Hi, thank you for your answer.

Computer is not behind proxy and HTTP connections works fine.

Meantime I made example with google go and HTTPS connection work fine,
I also made test with Embarcadero Rest Debugger and HTTPS with Res Debugger also doesn't work (http works ok).

Maybe this can help?

Service pack didn't help, unfortunately. So I decided to go with LibCurl instead Sparkle.

Thank you for your help.