TChart Zoom

What exactly do I have to set so that I can zoom a chart under Webcore using a selection square? Similar to other charts.

I have found the option to move the mouse to right and left to zoom plus minus.
But not the one with the selection square.

What chart do you refer to?
TWebGoogleChart? Other?

to the one supplied with Delphi :
TeeChart from Steema

Afaik, TChart does not support TMS WEB Core?

I have used your chart (TTMSFNCChart) and there the zooming only works as follows
mouse to right and left to zoom plus minus in the WebVersion. (or ?)

with the Steema chart, a square is displayed when zooming, and this is the zoomed area afterwards.

Sorry, we do not have this particular feature at this moment in TTMSFNCChart