TAureliusDataset.RecordCount inaccurate when filtering and using SetSourceList

Starting from this example in the Aurelius documentation...

If I populate the Animals list with 4 objects such that 2 of them match the filter and 2 of them do not match the filter, I observe the following behaviour regarding the RecordCount property:

  • If RecordCountMode = Default, RecordCount = -1
  • If RecordCountMode = FetchAll, RecordCount = 1

I assume the former is expected behaviour but it seems like the latter is a bug...?

Thank you for reporting. Indeed it's an issue. We fixed this and next release will include the correction.

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Thanks for the quick reply, Wagner! Any idea when that release will be available?

Aiming for June.
Note you can work around the issue by forcing the loading of all records in the dataset, using

while not Dataset.EOF do 
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