TAureliusDataSet filter

Well i was trying do directly filter the dataset through the filter property and it was not working. then i came here to try to find a solution and i found this post:


i got by surprise when wagned said the filter property is not supported by the dataset, but i don't see why you decided by design to remove this feature, couse lets fact it breaks a very old concept provided by TDataset and his decendants.

You mention to use Aurelius Criteria to filter, but can we get a example of it? couse it sounds to me that this must be done before the data is set to the dataset.

So my question is:

There's really no way to apply a filter expression to your dataset? i ask this couse in some task i dont see much of ways to do it without the filter, and is too much suffering to configure the DataSetFilterRecord event every time we need and contemplate every possible operator and columns.

The TDataset.Filter property is "abstract" and each dataset descendant must implement it. This means parsing the expression and apply the filtering to it. This is not implemented by Aurelius Dataset even because we don't have a SQL-like language. So you must use OnFilterRecord event to filter your data on client (dataset) side.