TAurelius Dataset- save or discard multiple recs

I am using a TAurelius dataset with a grid using Livebindings.  I want to save changes to the underlying database only after the user has clicked an OK button or discard them if the user clicks cancel.  This can be for one or more modified records. This would be similar to cached updates in FireDac.  How can I code this?

In addition, I would like the OK button to remain disabled until something in the TAurelius Dataset changes, such as the modification of a record.  The OK button would remain enabled until changes are applied to the database or discarded.

TAureliusDataset is just a wrapper to the object. If you don't assign the Manager property to a valid object manager, no database operations will be performed. You can then track the object modifications by using the OnObjectInsert, OnObjectUpdate, OnObjectDelete events. 

Does TAureliusDataset maintain any type of a change log which I can query to see whether there are any changes not yet persisted?  If I want to rollback changes not yet persisted, how do I do this? 

There is no change log, but you can create your own using the mentioned events.