TaskDialog hide OK button when using autoclose

Using TaskDialog to show a self-closing message. How do I make the OK button not visible?
You show this in the example on pg 72 of the developers' guide, but I can't seem to duplicate that. I tried CommonButtons:=[] but it seems to have no effect.

I'm using VCL.



Currently this is not possible. The image you are referring to still has buttons, but they are command buttons. An OK button is automatically added whenever there are no buttons added to the TTMSFNCTaskDialog.

We will consider adding an option to disable adding buttons.

Thank you. I notice that in that circumstance, the OK button has focus in the VCL version, but not in the MacOS version. If I tab, it gets focus. Seems like it should have focus automatically if it is the only control on the component?

Thanks for reporting. We are able to reproduce this and we are investigating it.

I see that the latest version shows:

  • Fixed : Issue with button focus in TTMSFNCTaskDialog
    If that is the issue that is reported in this thread, re the OK button not having focus if it is the only control, that still seems to be occurring.


It's indeed still reproducible, we are investigating it.

Hi Scott,

The next update will contain the fix for the button focus issue.

thank you. not a huge deal, but thanks.