TAdvWebBrowser earlier versions of Delphi

I don't know if this is technically possible, but it would be nice to be able to have TAdvWebBrowser available in earlier versions of Delphi.

Most of the VCL components appear across all versions of Delphi, which is incredibly useful as we still use D2007 for some legacy software.

What would be perfect would be, for example, TAdvWebBrowser to be available in D2007 which it currently isn't, although I appreciate there are probably technical reasons fror this. But it would be a really useful component to have available directly rather than havng to access it in D2007 from a custom library written In D11.


This is unfortunately a non-trivial technical exercise. Even if eventually this would be technically possible, the question remains if this significant effort is worth it given the small number of people still using Delphi 2007. (it was 1% according to our July 2023 stats).

Hi Bruno

That makes absolute business sense to be fair. I was hoping it would be a quickish thing to achieve. But if it isn't, given the figures you provided, it is probably not worth it. We just have some legacy projects that would have benefited from being able to access TAdvWebBrowser, which is excellent by the way.

We would love to move everything out of D2007. But are held back by an old grid component. This is why we use your VCL components as the TAdvStringGrid is excellent too. And we use this as our 'go to' grid in any new projects.

But the old grid works almost opposite to the way your grid works and so is not just a drop in replacement as much as we would love it to be. At some point we will swap, and then move to D11 but to change the grids over is a huge undertaking!

But thanks for the reply, we so have otherways to access the TAdvWebBrowser, so it is not a major thing, just would have been a nice feature to have in earlier versions while we are still tied to them.

Thanks again,