TadvWebbrowser at some clients gives EExternalException in Module EmbeddedBrowserWebview.dll

Though my application with TadvWebbrowser works on several machines: on some it stops with:
Exception EExternalException in Module EmbeddedBrowserWebview.dll at... External exception 80000003.
What might be the cause/solution ?

I have Webview2Loader_x86.dll and Webview2Loader_x64.dll in the same directory as the application


  1. What Windows version does the user have?
  2. What Edge Chromium version is installed on this machine?

Client has:

  1. Windows 10 Proi, ver 20H2 (installed 11-11-2020)
  2. Microsoft Edge 87.0.664.66 (Officiële build) (64-bits)

Do you see in the user TEMP folder the subfolder created "Microsoft Edge 87.0.664.66" ?
Try to delete the folder and see if it gets regenerated.

YESS!! That was the solution!
Thank you very much and have a good year!

I have another client where the message is like "Could not initialize Chromium"
There is no user TEMP folder the subfolder created "Microsoft Edge 87.0.664.66"...
What could be the solution here?

Either the DLLs that are not copied properly and are not detected, or the stable version cannot be copied from the program files folder. In all cases, it would be better to install the Evergreen runtime, available on the link below. this ensures there will be a stable Edge Chromium Embedded version available and no longer relies on the availability of the default version under program files.


More info about the distribution process that Microsoft recommends can be read here:

Also, the documentation states that the runtime will become available in Windows by default, and thus no longer will require an additional installer. Unfortunately we do not have a timeframe.