TAdvTreeView - XYToColumn only works for TOP row

I assumed the XYToColumn function would return the column the mouse was over however all I ever get is -1. Looking at the source code it seems to me that the function will only work when the mouse is over the TOP column header row (which I don't have). Looking through the code it seems that most of the XYToXXX functions will have the same 'problem' as they all check the X,Y position against the value of GetColumnsTopRect.

It was a simple matter to write a function that does return the Column number for any row - but it would be nice if the available functions did something (that seems to me to be more) useful!


We'll investigate this here as soon as possible.


We have added an extra parameter AIncludeRows to allow detecting columns on both the columns and the rows. Next version will have this included.

Thank you!

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