TAdvTreeView Reorder property does not work

In the current version of TMS VCL UI Pack the Reorder property in TAdvTreeView no longer has any affect.

I resolved this by adding the following in the OnAfterReorderNode event:

TAdvTreeViewNode *node = AFromNode->Node;
node->Index = AToNode->Index;

Thanks for informing.
We will deeper investigate this to make it work also without extra code added.


We have tested this here and reordering is still working as expected. Can you provide additional details to which behavior you experience now?

Hi Pieter, all I can say is that it does not work unkless I implement the ViewAfterReorderNode event and put this code in it:

TAdvTreeViewNode *node = AFromNode->Node;
node->Index = AToNode->Index;

Is there any specific further information you may need?

Can you put together a simple example? The issue could already be fixed internally here, but I'll have to double check. Thanks!

I'm not really sure what to put in an example without copying lots of proprietary code. I think seeing as I have a workaround I'm happy to leave it as it is, sorry I cannot be of more help.