TAdvTreeView: Nodes in view area stay empty at scrolling

Sometime I have the problem that texts of nodes aren't displayed properly in the treeview: The text is empty or invisible.
So far I wasn't able to reproduce that behavior reliable in a smaller test program.

I created a little movie from my project (all data displayed are demo data).
What happens:

  • TAdvTreeview is populated
  • Alle nodes are expanded using the context menu:
    for C := 0 to TVSelectionAdv1.Columns.Count-1 do

Afterwards I use the mouse to scroll down in the treeview. The nodes which should appear stay empty:

The texts are displayed when I scroll back a little bit upwards: All nodes in the view area become visible.
It seems that:

  • all nodes stay one time invisible and appear after scrolling back again.
  • if a node's text was displayed once, it will displayed properly in the future.


Do you have an idea what causes this problem?

How are you populating the nodes? We couldn't reproduce this here. Can you provide a small sample demonstrating the issue?

As I wrote initially:

but I will try ...

I must have misread, my apologies. It could be related to a combination of adding/inserting nodes & beginupdate & endupdate. So a full code snippet would be welcome so we don't overlook certain properties or events that are set.

Meanwhile I spent hours to reproduce this in a smaller test project - no chance!

As workaround I added In my main project:

procedure TFrmOrderAssignCalendar.TVSelectionAdv1VScroll(Sender: TObject; APosition: Single);

I will send a report if I have a better idea.