tAdvTreeView : DragDrop node and focusing


When I drag a node to an other node, I can focus on the result using "FocusedVirtualNode" procedure.

However, the same action to the root (no node - level), it is impossible to focus on the result. A bug or a improper use ? (a sample project included)

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Tree_Focus.zip (9.0 KB)

Thanks for the sample but it's unclear how to proceed. Please demonstrate with some screenshots what exactly is going wrong?

Hi thanks you for your answer.

Included first video into a correct situation : I drag a node and drop it on an other node
The second with uncorrect situation : I drag a node and drop it on the "root"
Test.zip (576.0 KB)

I hope it helps you


We have fixed this issue here Thanks for the additional information!

A pleasure to help you :slight_smile:

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