TAdvToolBarPager Tabs Disappear with Black Style


I'm finding that the selected Ribbon tab disappears (or in some cases just the tab background disappears but the tab text remains visible) when setting the Ribbon's style to bsOffice2010Black and then using the Expand/Collapse button to collapse the Ribbon.
To reproduce:
* Create a new VCL Form project.
* Derive the form from TAdvToolBarForm.
* Add TAdvToolBarPager (Ribbon) control to the form.
* Add a TAdvToolBarOfficeStyler component to the form and set its style to bsOffice2010Black.
* Assign the Styler to the Ribbon and set the "ShowExpandColapsButton" property to true.
* Build and Run the project and click the button to collapse the Ribbon - the selected tab should disappear.
The rendering of the text is pretty bad in the Office2010Black style in general and often shows artifacts in the text during the mouse over transition effect. Am I doing something wrong or is there another styler setting that might help with this, etc?
Thanks in advance,
C++ Builder XE
TMS Component Pack
Windows 7 Pro (Aero and glass effects turned on)

I can't reproduce this here.
Test project can be downloaded from

What's different in your project from this test project?

Hi Bruno,

Thanks for the project but unfortunately I'm runing C++ Builder XE only and I don't have any of the Delphi stuff installed so I can't open your project to compare it. I'll zip up the test project I created and send it to your support email address to see if you have any luck with that instead.
Just as a side note to avoid any confusion, I'm logging into these support forums using my boss's (David Gathercole's) credentials because I don't have my own log in so if you could reply to the address the email's sent from rather than to Dave's address that would make life easier!
Matt Cox