TAdvToolbarPager Compact mode


I have a problem with the TAdvToolbarPager. If I add several TAdvToolbars on a TAdvPage and set the AutoPosition property to False.
And then in FormResize add the following code:
  Left: = pStart. Width-tbright. Width-25;
Switches the toolbars to Compact mode when resizing the form.


Markus Klimetzki



PSS: I have inserted the "Spacer"-TAdvPages to reach a TAdvPage with a right alignment.

Maybe there is the possibility to achieve this by property.

Sorry, there is currently not a built-in capability to have right aligned tab pages. This is not conform the Microsoft Ribbon UI specifications.


the main problem is switching to compact mode when resizing the form. Do you have any idea how I can prevent that?

Changing to and from compact mode is built-in and based on calculations with the assumption of left aligned toolbars. This changing to and from the compact mode is confirm the Microsoft ribbon UI guidelines and there is currently unfortunately a built-in setting to affect the way this compact mode toggling is done.