TAdvToolBarPager - Caption Buttons

Since a recent update update of our TMS component pack, I've noticed that the Caption Buttons in TAdvToolBarPager are a lot bigger in the current version ( than our previous version ( Is this a deliberate change, and is there a property to adjust the size? I know it's a very minor point, but a couple of our users have commented on the size! If there isn't a setting, could you point me to the area of the source code that I could modify locally to adjust the size if possible.

In what DPI are you running?
For > 100% DPI, there was a small adaption of the TAdvToolBarPager tab captions, to be more in-line with the application button font. For <=100% DPI, there should be no difference.

All of the machines I've checked are running at 100% DPI.

I've found this line in TAdvToolBarPager.UpdateCaptionButtons:

  W := Max(18, 16 + Round(16 * (ADVToolBar_GetDPIScale - 1)) div 2);

which is setting W to 18 (ADVTollBar_GetDPIScale is 1)

In the previous version, this line was simply
  W := 16;

Unless I'm mistaken, W is the size that the caption buttons are created, so the current version is making them bigger.

Ok, we fixed this to be 16 at 100% DPI.