TAdvToolBar SavePosition Section

When calling SaveToobarsPositions for a TAdvDockPanel, it correctly uses what I set for the registry Key and Section. However, when calling the SavePosition method for each TAdvToolBar on that doc panel, it only uses the Key from the parent dock panel but not the section and instead always uses UnDockedAdvToolBars as the section.

I want to save different toolbar layouts and different button visibility states, but since it shares the same UnDockedAdvToolBars section, only one visibility state can be saved.

There is no property to set the key and section for a TAdvToolBar, so I am assuming the key is taken it from its parent TAdvDockPanel, so why not the section as well? Maybe I'm wrong, but what would be the best approach to get around this problem?

Delphi 10.4.2

The values of the toolbar are saved with keynames using the toolbar name and therefore will be always unique.
If you want to store different states not just with different persistence.key values but use the persistence.section too, we have exposed the AdvToolBar.Persistence as public property so you can manipulate it from there.
This enhancement will be included in the next update.

Yes, that's what I want to allow people to do. So thanks for the enhancement!