TAdvToolBar - resizing

Hi Bruno

the TAdvToolbar doesn't have an "Align" property but I've been trying to simulate an alClient option using the mainform resize event.

I have a TScrollBox (itself set to alClient) with a number of TAdvGlowButtons inside (dynamically created at startup).  

My structure is currently;


I know this is not really how the RibbonBar should work but I'm stuck with some existing code which works out the icons to be displayed (user specific) and which can't be removed currently.

When the main form window width goes below a point the "Compact" option kicks in and then it doesn't really come out of the mode when the form is resized (for some reason the width of the scrollbox seems to expand by it's original width plus the width of the compact button although I'm not setting it in code).  

I'd prefer to have clipping rather than the compact option but there doesn't seem a way to turn the latter option off.  Or it may work if the TAdvGlowBar had an Align property but it doesn't - is there a way I can get around this?


It is by design that there is no Align property as this deviates the expected behavior of a toolbar on a dockpanel or ribbon.

I'm also not sure how you use the toolbar on a TScrollBox. I'd suggest to start by setting ToolBar.AutoSize= false and control the size of the toolbar yourself from application level code.