TAdvToolbar multi-row

I would like to create a TAdvToolbar that has 2 rows of controls (glow buttons/containers). Is this possible? I have tried to make the toolbar double height but whenever I try to move a glow button under another one it moves it back to the first row and resets the height to a single row.

Did you try to set AdvToolBar.AutoPositionControls = false?

There are 2 properties I could not change. I wanted to change AutoPositionControls to false and AutoSize to false. I could not reset either one of them, it's like they were hardcoded to true. Maybe those properties are dependent on another property/condition?

Do you use the TAdvToolBar on a TAdvDockPanel?

That is correct. I have run into several other issues so I'm probably not going to implement what I was trying to do right now due to time constraints. I will put together a narrative and some images of what I am seeing and email them to you. We have used the TAdvToolBar/TAdvDockPanel for years with just toolbars that contain only glow buttons on them and they have worked fine. I am now trying to replace some existing hand made toolbars and am running into issues. I will admit with these new toolbars I am using separators and containers with dropdown comboboxes in the container which may be the culprit. Anyway, I'll email you the stuff when I get time.