TAdvToolBar compact view on Server 2012


We're having trouble with the TAdvToolBar controls not displaying correctly in compact mode when tested on Windows Server 2012. Our product uses the TAdvToolBarPager, etc to mimic an Office 2010 style Ribbon. If the form is shrunk horizontally so that the ToolBars start to become compact, clicking on the ToolBar's compact button will sometimes not display anything at all and other times will just display a single line where the toolbar should appear. We also have this problem when using TAdvControlDropDown components on the ribbon.
The problem can be reproduced using your Office2010 sample project. This was tested with the TMS Component Pack v7.0.1.1 on RAD Studio XE.
Any help is greatly appreciated. Regards,

I've just tested this with the latest Component Pack (v7.1.0.1) as there was mention of compact toolbars in the version history since, but the problem remains. Anyone else seen this too? 

Sorry, so far we have not been able to reproduce this.

I've created a test app that shows the problem on our Windows Server 2012 virtual machines. I've also now been able to try it on a native Windows 8 pc and, while the problem with the compact toolbars doesn't seem to happen, the AdvControlDropDown still doesn't draw reliably. I'll email the project to your support address in case that helps.