TAdvToolbar Button width


I'm using a TadvToolBar with embedded TAdvToolBarButtons. I want a compact bar so I set the width of each button to 20 from their initial value of 24 (16x16 png). At runtime the width of the button reverts to 24 - am I missing something?

The other thing is how do I set the Toolbar to expand its height and display multiple lines of components when the window is made narrower?

  1. Did you set Autosize = false

    2) If you refer to dynamic toolbar button sizing, please see the article:


Thanks for the reply - yes setting the auto-size property on a tool button to false fixes the issue with the tool button width.

Until purchasing the TMS components I have always used the excellent ToolBar 2000 component. The advantage of that was it was very simple and what with all the "stylers" I am just finding I'm getting lost in the complexity and just can't replicate the functionality of that simple component!

What I need is the toolbar to simply to collapse into two lines or more when the window is re-sized. Surely it can do that? I was looking for allow multiple lines property in the dock-bar but couldn't find one.


PS I'm not using any of the ribbon functionality!

provide( mailto: support@tmssoftware.com)
a ready to run project that demonstrates the issue so the responsible developer
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