TAdvToolBar and TAdvGlowButtons misdrawn pixels

I've got a problem using TAdvToolBar and TAdvGlowButtons. It seems there are some pixels not drawn correctly. Some pixels are drawn white and not properly drawn as the rest of the theme colors.

Buttons unselected:

The pixels in the upper left and right corners are white instead of blue.

Buttons, first one is selected:

The pixels in the upper left and right and lower left corners are also white instead of blue.

I'm using TAdvToolBar version and TAdvGlowButton version The TAdvToolBar is connected to a TAdvToolBarOfficeStyler.

Please can someone give some advies how to handle this problem?

I can't reproduce this here. Could you send some sample source project with which we can reproduce this?
Please send this via direct email.

Thank you, I've send you an e-mail.