TAdvTaskDialog appearance on XP can be improved


I appreciate the non-native mode of TAdvTaskDialog as it permits to use this component even on older Windows, but I think that on XP his appearance can be improved. Look at the screen-shot:
- On XP there is a grey border 2 pixel inside windows border, on W7 there is no border inside windows border, so I'd like if this XP gray border could be removed
- On XP buttons height is too low (2 pixel lower than standard Application.MessageBox buttons); their height should be increased by 2 pxel.
- On XP the spacing over and below buttons is too small (also on the right side), I think that keeping W7 spacing would improve appearance.

Thank for the attention,

There is a global variable in TaskDialog.pas DRAWBORDER: boolean that you can set to false if you do not want this border. On Windows Vista, this border is also in the native taskdialog and that's why it is drawn by default on all operating systems from Vista and older.

We've slightly increased the button height for older operating systems.