TAdvSVGImageCollection visual editor

Crappy Microsoft Defender. Disable it and get a proper anti-virus. Defender has way too many false positives...

You can disable it, dowload the file, and send it through virustotal.com to check it... If (when) all the major anti-virus programs find nothing wrong with the file, complain to Microsoft...


Here's the VirusTotal.Com report for the file:

As you can see, NONE of the other AVs found anything suspicious with the file...

Hi Keld,
Thank you, I downloaded it last night onto another PC that has AVG and had no problems. Copying the unzipped EXE across to the PC with Windows Defender raised no issues either.

v1.41 will be released later today. New features:

  • Auto-Update
  • Support for TSVGIconImageCollection (GetIt "SVG IconImageList VCL FMX") as well as TMS

New download link:

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GetIt Link: SVG IconImageList VCL FMX

Is the server still availible?

I've been having trouble with my ISP these last few days, but it is online now (it's usually fixed in the late afternoon/early evening CET).

However the DropBox link above is still active (it points to the same file), so if you can't get it via the new, official link, you can try the alternate one...