TAdvSVGImageCollection visual editor

v1.32 now released with a few bugfixes in the Edit Color functionality.

If you encounter an .SVG file that doesn't work with Edit Color, let me have a look at it.

I was trying to implement rotate support in my editor, but it seems like your SVG Renderer library doesn't support this. Could this be implemented? Preferably as a property to be set, but at least to be able to render an .SVG file that contains a "transform: rotate(xxxdeg);"

We will investigate

You cannot edit the .SVG file in this program

Note: See latest version for a color remapper function...

It seems like there's a problem in your .SVG renderer - to the extent that it "dies" when trying to load the file (via LoadFromStream).

BlendingModes.zip (9.9 KB)

I acknowledge that there may be some .SVG files that aren't rendered correctly, but it shouldn't "die" when attempting to load it...

I have come up with this (temporary) solution in my editor - load the file in a separate thread and kill it if it takes more than 2 seconds to do so...

  ESVGLoadError = CLASS(EInOutError);

    T   : TThread;
    OK  : BOOLEAN;
    TT  : LongWord;

    OK:=FALSE; TT:=GetTickCount;
    WHILE GetTickCount-TT<2000 DO IF OK THEN EXIT ELSE Sleep(100);
    RAISE ESVGLoadError.Create('Unable to load SVG file!')

We have investigated and fixed this issue. Next version will address this.

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We have added a RotationAngle property (at the same level as the TintColor and the other properties). You can set the degrees in which the SVG needs to be rotated. This will be available in the next version.

v1.33 now available. New features:

Implements support for "RotationAngle" (if configured for version 10.6.8 or later).

Please beware that if you configure the editor to allow this, you can't load the .DFM file in a pre-v10.6.8 library without errors.

Raw editor now available (Alt+R).

Allows you to edit the raw .svg XML file and see live-update as you change it (if the preview disappears, it means that the library can't interpret your corrections).

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Is this (Fantastic) editor available for download somewhere? I have 115 SVG toolbar icons I want to import into an ImageCollection and really don't fancy doing it image-by-image!
Or is there a better, built-in way of doing that now?


Updated links:


Alternate link:


Thank you!!!

Arhhh! Windows Defender insists there is a virus in the program, won't let me even download it :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Crappy Microsoft Defender. Disable it and get a proper anti-virus. Defender has way too many false positives...

You can disable it, dowload the file, and send it through virustotal.com to check it... If (when) all the major anti-virus programs find nothing wrong with the file, complain to Microsoft...


Here's the VirusTotal.Com report for the file:

As you can see, NONE of the other AVs found anything suspicious with the file...

Hi Keld,
Thank you, I downloaded it last night onto another PC that has AVG and had no problems. Copying the unzipped EXE across to the PC with Windows Defender raised no issues either.

v1.41 will be released later today. New features:

  • Auto-Update
  • Support for TSVGIconImageCollection (GetIt "SVG IconImageList VCL FMX") as well as TMS

New download link:

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GetIt Link: SVG IconImageList VCL FMX

Is the server still availible?

I've been having trouble with my ISP these last few days, but it is online now (it's usually fixed in the late afternoon/early evening CET).

However the DropBox link above is still active (it points to the same file), so if you can't get it via the new, official link, you can try the alternate one...