TAdvSVGImageCollection issues


First, the component is very welcome, even if (currently) it has some limitations! Great work, TMS!

In the usage I have some problems - I replaced te TImageList in a project and it's working OK, I found just two problems until now:

  1. Cannot be used in THTMLStatusBar - cant select it in the Panels[x].AnimatedImages

  2. If a TAdvGlowButton is disabled, the image doesn't get grayed. Do I need to make a separate list for disabled images? On TAdvBitBtn works perfectly.

Bot for the rest - perfect.

I also have a question about Material Design Icons - is there a way do download them dynamically (based on name)? It would simplify the replacing for large lists (just set the name and that's it). It's of course just a suggestion :slight_smile:

EDIT: I found that in THTMLStatusBar it's also impossible to select the list in Images property


  1. We have seen that the properties are based on TImageList instead of TCustomImageList, which is required to work with TVirtualImageList. We'll investigate and adapt as soon as possible.

  2. The TAdvGlowButton also has a DisabledImages property that can be used when TAdvGlowButton is disabled.

The suggestion to automatically download Material Design Icons is a very good suggestion. We'll write it down and explore the capabilities.

Just one question: is TAdvGlowButton.DisabledImages a temporary workaround or a permanent solution?

If it's a permanent solution, how do I define a gray list of MDI Icons?

There are disabled capabilities for each TVirtualImageList, you can add a second TVirtualImageList and configure it to add disabled images. You can read more about it at the following page:


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