TAdvStringGrid Unicode Issues with SaveTo... and Filtering


I'm using C++ Builder 2007 & TadvGrid v8.5.2.2 As I have some Unicode data I'm populating my grid using WideCell[x][y] = ... and everything displays properly and prints properly.

However, if I try to save the data as a text file (or Excel or HTML or XML) then the Unicode fields cause issues. My text editor complains that the data and the codepage don't match and all string fields have a vertical bar and a backslash before them with a space between each character, such as:

|\ H : \ I m a g e s 1

Even if the data contains no unicode, the problem happens - simply the use of WideCell causes this. Excel cannot read the created file and my text editor thinks the XML file produced is a binary file...

If I enable FilterDropDownAuto, then the drop down filter just contains '|' for Unicode columns...

Are these known limitations/restrictions, or can they be fixed/coded around?

Many thanks


Updating to v8.5.11.0 did not fix the problem...

C++Builder 2007 itself is not unicode compatible. In these circumstances, the unicode capabilities of TAdvStringGrid are limited to displaying text in cells, not for saving the cells via SaveTo* functions.
For that, you would need to use TAdvStringGrid with a unicode enabled IDE, i.e. from C++Builder 2009 or newer.

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