TAdvStringGrid support for Excel clipboard format

I'm developing a Delphi Windows/VCL (Berlin) app where I want to paste Excel cell values into a TAdvString Grid.  It all works fairly well, but only accepts the Excel values as formatted text (i.e. it seems to use the text version of what is on the clipboard).  But I would prefer to be able to take the unformatted floating point values so as to not lose precision.  I believe that Excel does place these onto the clipboard either in the Xltable or BIFF8 formats, but TAdvStringGrid does not seem to have any support for these formats.  It would be great if it the Grid.Floats matrix could be filled with actual floating point values.

I notice that Flexcell does seem to support BIFF8, but have not seen any other Delphi components that support it.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Sorry, clipboard exchange is based on formatted cell data as-is displayed in Excel and would be pasted in other applications as text. 
If you want to import the Excel sheet with full float values, please use TAdvGridExcelIO or TMS Flexcel in combination with TMS Grid Filters to import the XLS or XLSX file.