TadvStringGrid scrollbar size on high DPI display

I am using a few TAdvStringGrid in my projects. I have noticed that the width of the scroll bar is not set correctly when the screen DPI changes. I am using a Full HD laptop with scaling factor set to 125% and a Full HD monitor with scaling set to 100%.

100 % scale

125% scale



What Delphi version do you use?
I have retested this here with Delphi 10.2 Tokyo and I could not see a difference between the standard VCL TScrollBar or the one in the standard VCL TStringGrid and the scrollbar in TAdvStringGrid.

Did you compare with the standard Delphi scrollbar?

Delphi 10.2 Release 3 and the screenshots are for the same form with a TAdvstringGrid. I was moving the form between the two screens (laptop and monitor). I am running windows 10 with the latest updates. 

Tested with standard TStringGrid, same behavior. seems the scrollbar is not scaled properly.  

This will need to be checked with Embarcadero

Hi Bruno
Do you confirm that this is a bug ?

in TAdvStringGrid ?

The behavior of TAdvStringGrid is consistent with other VCL controls, including TStringGrid, as such, we do not consider this as a TAdvStringGrid specific bug.