TADVStringGrid - Scroll without jumping to next column?

Is there an ability to not jump to next column when horizontal scrolling?

People don't like on Long/Wide fields how it jumps. They just want to smooth scroll things into view?

Scrolling is always either per column (horizontally) or per row (vertically).
This behavior is actually inherited from the base standard VCL class TStringGrid
If you want pixel level scrolling, a possible alternative is the TMS FNC Grid TTMSFNCGrid that can also be used in VCL applications

Ok. What I had actually figured but was hoping maybe some TMS magic was able to override the base grid actions some how.

Guess will deal with it for now, as there are dozens if not hundreds of grids we actually face with this complaint... and I doubt TTMSFNCGrid is a 100% direct drop in replacement :slight_smile:

TTMSFNCGrid has a lot of similarities architecturally but is not 100% class interface compatible unfortunately (for technical reasons though).

I can maybe check it out. Will there be a Delphi 11 Trial Version soon?

The trial for FNC products for Delphi 11 is available.