[TAdvStringGrid] RTF format cells not available


I fill a AdvGrid's cell with a TRichEdit. Some texts from RichEdit is formatted but when I want to paste the AdvGrid into a Word file, formatted text isn't anymore. The tab is right but not the RTF text.

Is there any AdvGrid options to enable this ?

Here is a sample project: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WPLLwyljIdzcK64ZB_KMhRBuBpWgAGsa

I am using Rio 10.3.2 and TMSVCLUI_10_0_2_0.


Is AdvGridRTFIO.Options.ExportRTFCell = true?

Yes ExportRTFCell is True but I still have the issue.

Here is the link for my updated project.

Did you set grid.Navigation.AllowRTFClipboard = true?

Yes it is

Hello Bruno,
Did you have an idea ?