TAdvStringGrid - Question about the filter function

I have two questions about the filter function of "TAdvStringGrid".

Question 1:
Is it possible to change the icon (① in the image) depending on the use of the filter function?

Please let me know if there is a way to tell visually if the filter function is in use.

Question 2:
I need a good idea to add the following functions to the button in image ②.

I put one item in the filter.
Show All
Show X
(Image #④)

I want the button in image ② to have the ability to switch between "ALL" and "X" when pressed.
I would like some good ideas on how to achieve that. I would appreciate sample code if possible.

You can use a custom filter glyph via grid.FilterDropDown.GlyphActive

Using grid.OnGetColumnFilter() you can return your own list of text to show in the filter dropdown. From grid.OnFilterSelect() you can then perform your wanted filtering on the grid.