TAdvStringGrid: Overline in in cell

I want to display a float number in a cell with an overline.
With the OnGetFormat I add a suffix, the suffix should not have the overline (but that would not be a deal braker).
So my question is how do I get this overline in a cell?

Using latest version of TAdvStringGrid


I'm sorry but I do not know what "float number with an overline" means and what exact suffix you try to add.

I mean something like this: https://html-shark.com/HTML/Overline.htm
In this example several words have an overline, in my use case a floating point number should have the overline, but the suffix not (e.g. 1,364 mm, with 1,364 overlined)
I understand that you don't have this in your mini html as a tag, but maybe there is another way?

At this moment, there is indeed not an overline style in mini HTML. As out of the box this type of rendering is not built-in in TAdvStringGrid, a solution could be to use custom cell drawing and draw the overline this way.

Thank you, I will look into this.
Would you consider to add an overline tag zu the mini HTML?

We added it on the todolist for consideration.