TAdvStringGrid - OnCheckboxClick state false when checked?

I have an odd one, that I think may have been haunting me for a while.

Delphi 11.3

I have a problem where TAdvStringGrid onCheckBoxClick event, where if I have grid filtered by 1 column, the State value for a checkbox ends up "False" most times.

Sometimes I get A "true" state.

If I don't filter, it works fine 100% of the time.

Now... I think case is I should be using OnCheckboxChange event?

If so, then what is OnCheckboxClick event should be used for? PDF doesn't really give anything about it, other than it exists.

Are you using the correct row index for access the cell checkbox state?
If you have a grid filtered, you might need to convert the display row index to the real row index, with grid.RealRowIndex()

Alternatively, try to get grid.FilterType = ftSuppress

procedure TfrmInventory.GridCheckBoxClick(Sender: TObject; ACol,   ARow: Integer; State: Boolean);

The state variable is coming from the event call itself. Which doesn't like the grid being filtered it seems.

compared to

procedure TfrmInventory.GridCheckBoxChange(Sender: TObject; ACol,  ARow: Integer; State: Boolean);

Which state appears to always be correct, even when grid is filtered.

We could trace & solve this issue. The next update will address this.