TAdvStringGrid: loadFromJSON

It's nice to have a SaveToJSON method, but it would be even better with a LoadFromJSON!

Would that be possible?


Not really or only under specific conditions.
A grid has a 2D organization while a JSON file just has any kind of hierarchical organization that does not necessarily map onto a 2 dimensional cell structure a grid has.

Then same applies to LoadFromFile, LoadFromBinFile, LoadStream. They all require the input to be formated properly for the import to work. Just as with a potential JSON import.
Again, if I can export JSON, I think I should be able to import this JSON back to the grid.
I already have my own specific export/import function, but for simple cases, this functionality could be implemented in the component.

When it is restricted to import JSON files generated by TAdvStringGrid it can work.
So, within this limited scope it might make sense.