TAdvStringGrid - keyboard tabbing problem


My problem is that I have set up a TAdvStringGrid as a data-entry mechanism, and the user keyboard tabs through the cells.  At the last editable cell, the focus moves to the next control on the form which is as expected.  But when the user reverse tabs (sh*t+tab) and reaches the first cell (0,0) the focus is not moved to the previous control on the form, the focus loops back around to the last cell.  This prevents keyboard users accessing controls above the TAdvStringGrid.

(Additionally, the focus lands upon a cell that is not editable and normally will not receive focus in forward tabbing)

I have the following options set on the grid:

Navigation.AlwaysEdit = True
Navigation.AdvanceOnEnter = true
Options.goEditing = True
Options.goTabs = True
Options.goRangeSelect = false

I'm using version