TAdvStringGrid inplace editor keypress event

Is there any way to capture the TAdvStringGrid InplaceEditor keypress event? I will try to explain why.

I have a column that holds amounts so I use the edFloat as editor type but I have a problem that it's deeply related with my regional configuration. I'm located in Spain so dots are the thousands separator and commas are the decimal one like in some other european countries.

Well, most of my users use the numbers keys block placed on the right of a regular keyboard to enter amounts so i use the keypress event to "capture" the dot key (the key between the 0 and intro) and change it for a comma so amounts are easily entered.

But in the AdvStringGrid inplace edit, if I press the dot, the character is filtered because is not the decimal separator. That's fine but I would like to know if I can bypass that behaviour in some way and convert the dot into a comma like i I do in the rest of my program.

I also tried to use the edNormal as editor type hoping to filter the characters I don't want assigning the Keypress event to AdvStringGrid->NormalEdit but the event is not fired at all and I can't filter any character.

I even tried using the TForm KeyPress event (activating the KeyPreview property) without success (the inplace edit filters the character before the form event is triggered)

Any help / advice will be appreciated. Thanks

This catches keys pressed for the edFloat inplace editor:

procedure TForm1.AdvStringGrid1GetEditorType(Sender: TObject; ACol,
  ARow: Integer; var AEditor: TEditorType);
  AEditor := edFloat;

procedure TForm1.AdvStringGrid1KeyPress(Sender: TObject; var Key: Char);
  if AdvStringGrid1.EditMode then