TAdvStringGrid: ImageIdx row background

I created a column of images using the:

AdvStringGrdi1.AddImageIdx(wCol, wRow, wImage_ID, haLeft, vaCenter);

But the column background is not respecting the colors defined in the propertiesBands.PrimaryColor and Bands.SecondaryColor:


How can I fix this?

Do you add the images AFTER you set the band color?
Alternatively, set banding colors via grid.OnGetCellColor()

Hi Bruno,

I defined the colors after placing images because I only know the colors that should be used after the TAdvStringgrid is filled.

I solved the problem by moving the "Bands.Active:=True" before putting the images (it was in the routine that retrieves the colors).

The new code is now:

[add data & imagens to AdvString]
[define StringGrid colors]


Thank you