TAdvStringGrid - Freeze panes

I've been asked to replicate Excel style freeze panes functionality in a TAdvStringGrid (using v7.4.4.2)

Essentially I've got some master detail data and each row is populated with the master data followed by multiple details. When the grid scrolls only the details should move and the master data stays where it is. Both the master and detail data need to be editable.

What I am doing at the moment is using fixed columns (8) to try to achieve the freeze panes and it is working OK but there may be other posts about some problems I am having.

I'm very new to TMS Components (still finding my way around all the grid options) and I'm just wondering if I have missed an easier way to do things.

So are fixed columns the best way to implement freeze panes? Is there a better way? Does anyone have any tips or tricks to help?



Non-scrolling columns and/or rows are always set via grid.FixedCols / grid.FixedRows.
There is at this moment not an alternative to have non-scrolling columns or rows.