TAdvStringGrid: filtering child nodes

Following our customer needs, we activated nodes function on the grid.
But, filtering on child do not get the filter on the father.
More in detail, if there's a father without child because of the filter, the father is anyway visible.
Is it possible to have the correct behavior ?
Our customer considers a bug, but we can do nothing (we can manage the grid behavior).
Thanks in advance for your response.
Best regards, Pierluigi.

At this moment, it is the default behavior that a group does not disappear because the group is empty. You'd need to programmatically hide such group with the current version.

Thank you Bruno.
How can I found and hide an empty group?

This depends somewhat of the filter method you use.

Loop through the grid.
The rows with nodes are returned via grid.IsNode(ARowIndex);
From the row with a node, you can use grid.GetNodeSpan(ARowIndex): integer;
This returns the number of child rows. Then you can loop over child rows to check their visibility state (depends on your filter method). And if you find all rows under the parent node to be not visible, suppress the parent node row with grid.SuppressRow(ARowIndex)