TADVStringGrid error in D12

D12, lastest version of TADVStringGrid.

I get this error message when saving in D12.

Here is the code:

procedure TRegnformFil.rgnGridGetAlignment(Sender: TObject; ARow, ACol: Integer;
var HAlign: TAlignment; var VAlign: TVAlignment);
if acol in [6,7] then halign:=taRightJustify;

What am I doing wrong?

There hasn't been any change recently with regards to the signature of that event.

Is there a unit in your uses list that might define TAlignment with a different prefix namespace? The alignment that is begin used is Classes.TAlignment, is Classes in your uses list and if so, at which position ?

There has been no change in my code at all in this unit, not for a long time. It worked perfectly i D11, in D12 I get the error every time I save.

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Dialogs, ExtCtrls, StdCtrls, DB, Buttons, htmlbtns, ComCtrls, IniFiles,
AdvEdit,Grids, BaseGrid, AdvGrid, ieview, imageenview, AdvSplitter, iemview,
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System.Contnrs, OlesRichEdit, iexLayers, DBAccess, Uni, iexToolbars,
iexUserInteractions, imageenproc, iemio, VCL.TMSFNCCustomComponent,
VCL.TMSFNCAppFormPersist, iexProcEffects;

Sorry we cannot reproduce this here. Can you try in a new form? Did you install the latest version, and you are sure the library path points to the correct version?

I'm back using D11 and everything works again. Same code, same components and no errors.

So D12 is useless to me at the moment.

Here is the latest error message from D12
The problem is with TAdvStringGrid and Getalignment

Did you open a project in D12 coming from D11? Did you start with a new project as suggested? It could be possible that in D11 the signature of the event is different from D12, we have tested this here with a new project and couldn't reproduce this. So something must be incorrectly save in D11 or D12. Please show the DFM file

I'm not able to solve this.

I have done what I have done through a lot of Delphi versions. Installed the new Delphi version and the component suites. I then open the project saved in the prior version in the new Delphi version using File...Open project.

What is an events signature?

The DFM file is 19000 lines, what should I search for in the file?

Please search for the OnGetAlignment event pointing to rgnGridGetAlignment.
If problems persist, please just remove the event at designtime and assign it at runtime in the form create.

You need to change this VAlign: TVAlignment); to this -> VAlign: TAsgVAlignment);
After that works fine

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Hi, did you have the same problem?

What unit is TAsgVAlignment declared in?

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Thank you Uusitalo, prolem solved :+1:

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