TAdvStringGrid edDateEdit exception after edit on x64


Using the latest version, the following code genereates and excepetion compiling for x64

procedure TAdvStringGrid.HideEditControl(ACol,ARow: Integer);
if SendMessage(EditDate.Handle, DTM_GETSYSTEMTIME,0, longint(@st))= GDT_VALID then
changed to
if SendMessage(EditDate.Handle, DTM_GETSYSTEMTIME,0, LPARAM(@st))= GDT_VALID then
works ok.

Also AutoComplete under x64 is not working.

Thanks in advance,

Omar Zelaya

Thanks for reporting.
We applied the fix for Win64 for date editing.

Wrt AutoComplete, do you have more details about precise circumstances? Steps to reproduce?


Dont recall where did I made changes to fix it. But has to do with the same issue about invalid type casting when using SendMessage.I recall changes to using WPARAM and LPARAM correctly with SendMessage procedure.

Thanks in advance.

Omar Zelaya

We did a full scan of the code.
It was most likely
SendMessage(Handle,EM_GETSEL, WParam(@se), LParam(@ss));

in TAdvInplaceEdit.DoChange

We adapted this for the next release.