TAdvStringGrid Drag&Drop Checkbox


I have two TAdvStringGrids which I want the user to be able to Drag&Drop rows form one list to the other and vice versa. Both grids use AddCheckBoxColumn(0) and I'm adding a checkbox to all cells when added to the first list. If I Drag&Drop such cells with checkbox to the second list, the checkbox is removed and if I Drag&Drop the same cell back again to its source list, the checkbox is still missing.

Am I correct that I always need to add those checkboxes manually whenever a cell is created in a grid for any reason or is their some setting I'm missing to keep the cheeckboxes and maybe other stuff like buttons, images etc. during a Drag&Drop operation?


Sorry, checkboxes itself do not move along with OLE drag & drop, only the actual cell data, not the cell controls.

Sad, but true. :-) Thanks for the confirmation, shouldn't be too big deal...