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I was hoping to use the TAddictCheck component to allow Addict spell checker to work in a cell as it's being edited but can't seem to get it to work.  I can use it by calling the "CheckCell" function, but not when the cell is being edited.  The cell also has WordWrap enabled and after calling CheckCell the WordWrap property is ignored. 

I must be missing something simple.

Thanks for any advice you may have on getting the Addict Spell Checker to work when editing a simple string cell.

Did you have a look at demo 34:


Yes.  Everything in the demo is after edit of the cell, nothing is while editing.

AddictSpell has what they call "Live Spelling".  This feature does the highlighting and auto correcting as you type.  All it need is the TWinControl of the component being used during the edit.

Is there a way to get a reference to the component being used while the cell is being edited?  With that I believe AddictSpell will take care of the rest.

Something like this.

TAdvStringGrid OnEdit event

I'd really like this to work with AddictSpell. Do you have any thoughts on how to make it work while editing the cell?


The default inplace editor for TAdvStringGrid is grid.NormalEdit

Notice that this editor is only created when editing first starts, so, on form startup, grid.NormalEdit will be nil. In the event OnGetEditorProp, this editor will always exist.

Thanks Bruno.

That was exactly what I needed.