TAdvStringGrid Cel Editor problem

Hi support team,

If a cell in TAdvStringGrid component contains text in this format <sometext> (start with < and end with >). When user click on the cell to edit its content, the cell content is cleared and become empty.
Can you please check and fix it


set grid.EditWithTags = true

Thank you for the solution,. It fixes the problem

However if I enabled HTML and the cell contain any "invalid" tag then the text in this container is removed.
Example the cell text is
<B>some bold text</b> <some normal text>
then after editing, the sell only displays: "some bold text" and the words <some normal text> disappear  from the cell. Can you please check.


Well, you need to make a choice. Either you want that the grid renders HTML and obviously <B>some bold text</b> <some normal text> is not valid HTML or the grid just displays and edits the text as-is without interpreting as HTML. Then it will also not remove (non HTML compliant) text.