TAdvSpinEdit - Negative numbers


I have a question about negative numbers in TAdvSpinEdit. In general it is working fine for me. I have Signed set to true, and have defined Min and Max values. My question has to do with entering the negative sign in the edit. When I click in the edit, the entire number is selected, including the negative character. If the edit has a negative number in it to start, the first time I press the minus sign character, the minus sign is removed from the number - it is toggled off. If I am trying to replace a negative number in the edit with another negative number, I am required to press the minus sign twice in order to be able to enter a negative number. If I press it once, it goes away. If I don't press it, it also goes away when I enter the first numeric digit. I can also click in the edit a second time in order to select just the number and not the minus sign, or I can press BackSpace in order to clear the edit and enter a negative number.

What I am hoping to allow the user to do is to select the edit and enter a negative number without having to either press the negative character twice or to backspace or click in the edit again.

Thank you,

Jeff Hartman

That is indeed a subtle improvement.
We have applied this improvement now and it will be included in the next release.

Thank you.