TAdvSmoothTileList - Different tiles color


Is there a method to have one color per tiles ? By using the code below only the last color is applied to all tiles:
AdvSmoothTileList1.Tiles[0].TileFill.Color:= clRed ;
AdvSmoothTileList1.Tiles[1].TileFill.Color:= clLime ;
AdvSmoothTileList1.Tiles[2].TileFill.Color:= clBlue ;
AdvSmoothTileList1.Tiles[3].TileFill.Color:= clMaroon ;

For each tiles, I want a unique color and a caption.

I also tried TGDIPPictureContainer but I can't set caption to tiles.


Ok, I resolve the issue.

I have to create a CustomVisualizer and to code a DrawTile function:

function TVisualizerAdvanced.DrawTile(_Graphe: TGPGraphics; _Rect: TGPRectF;
  _Tile: TadvSmoothTile): TGPRectF;
var b: TGPSolidBrush ;
    c: TColor ;
  Result:= Inherited DrawTile(_Graphe, _Rect, _Tile) ;

  if (_Tile.Data = '0') then
    c:= clRed
  else if (_Tile.Data = '1') then
    c:= clLime
  else if (_Tile.Data = '2') then
    c:= clMaroon
    c:= clYellow ;

  b:= TGPSolidBrush.Create(MakeColor(255, c));
  _Graphe.FillRectangle(b, _Rect.X, _Rect.Y, _Rect.Width, _Rect.Height) ;

  b.Free ;